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Creative Signcrafters provides lobby signs, custom logo signs for offices and business logo wall signs - high quality and reasonably priced. Free customized initial design.

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Lobby Signs, Custom Logo Signs for Offices, and Business Logo Wall Signs

Lobby Signs

Easy to install custom logo wall signs for reception locations

Custom Logo Signs for Offices

Logo wall signs applied directly to walls

Business Logo Wall Signs

Acrylic lobby signs made from high-grade acrylic with polished edges

Lobby Signs FAQ

What are lobby signs

Lobby signs or custom logo wall signs are the signs that are installed behind a reception desk, or an entryway to an office, or similar location. These signs are used for welcoming visitors, customers, and clients to your place of business and market your message and brand to all who enter. If you are looking for signs that are installed outside a doorway with room numbers or room names then take a look at our ADA signage page for interior room sign suggestions.

What is the standard lobby sign size

Lobby signs or custom logo signs do not have a fixed size. When Creative Signcrafters designs a logo wall sign, the size of the wall space is taken into account. Big is nice, but too big looks awkward. Generally speaking, a height of 30" is typical and then the width is supplied by its ratio to the height of the sign. For signage that will be equal to or greater than 8 feet, a custom logo sign would have indidually computer cut or CNC routed letters and logo applied directly and use the wall as the backer.

What are examples of lobby sign displays

Examples of lobby sign displays are typically found when a customer or client enters your premises and sees your logo and message behind the reception area desk. Sometimes these signs are also seen upon entering a premises. They are installed directly on a wall or a similar surface (front of a reception desk) and will be made from an assortment of high-grade signage materials.

What are the uses of lobby signs

Lobby signs, custom logo signs for offices and logo wall signs serve the purpose of marketing your brand and welcoming your clients or customers. These signs are typically the signage your customers or clients will see as they either enter or have entered your premises. These signs are located on the wall behind reception desks, on reception desks kiosks, or just outside of the door.

How do I select a lobby sign

All lobby signs are custom made and designed either from your design or by us. The reason is that an assortment of high-grade signage materials, based upon the design and size of the sign are used. The design of a lobby sign is crucial in determing the look and the cost of the sign. Since each custom logo sign for your office is custom designed and produced it simply can't be selected and must be designed accordingly.

What do lobby signs cost

A lobby sign or logo wall sign for your office will start at a minimal cost and depending upon size, materials, and design, your lobby sign can increase in price. Is your lobby sign made from metal letters, plastic or acrylic letters, what is the backing or is it applied directly to the wall? The list goes on. When you hire Creative Signcrafters we review design, size, and materials before submitting a cost. We work according to your budget.

Lobby Signage Ideas

Acrylic Wall Sign

Business Logo Wall Sign Frosted Acrylic

Custom Logo Sign for Office

Business Logo Wall Sign 3D Letters

Lobby Sign with 3D Brushed Metal Letters

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