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Website Basics To Grow Your Business

Customers are looking at your website. They're judging your business by your website.

A good website will help your business grow, improve your reputation, and turn prospective customers into paying customers which increases your ROI.

A website is one of the best investments you'll make for your business.

Your Website and Your Business

  •  Customers size up your website quickly so you need a fast-loading website
  •  If customers don't like your website, their opinion is reflected in their desire to shop at your store
  •  A simple and pleasing website design is all it takes to increase your ROI
  •  With a well designed website you could notice an increase in customers, and increase in revenue, and an increase in ROI


Good web design is essential for Google rankings. It's critical to have a website that is responsive, loads fast, and is optimized for business.


 Responsiveness is your website's ability to display on multiple devices. With mobile browsing all search engines are using responsiveness for ranking websites. Many of your customers will be viewing your website on their phones.

 Loads Fast

It's long been known that if your website takes more than three seconds to show up then you've lost those eyeballs. Customers will click-back and be lost for good.


A website needs to be designed and developed so that search engines can crawl and discover your pages. Without optimization your website is non-existent.

 Done Right

A professionally designed and coded website is a must-have for any business - especially small local businesses. Your website is your front door to customers.

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Your Website Includes

Website Package

Our objective for your website is a fast, responsive, and optimized website. It takes a lot to get there. Here's what CSC does to make that happen.

Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords that will be used by your potential clients to find your business


Complete On Page SEO and technical SEO - EVERYTHING needed for your website to start ranking in the search engines for the right keywords

Copy Writing

Creative copy that's optimized for search engines and conversions, while sending the right message to anyone viewing your website

Hi Quality Images

Using high quality images, videos, icons and other visuals to convey the sense of trust and high quality products / services

Displays Quickly

Slow website = bad user experience and your clients might browse away before even viewing your service. Fast website = Happy Users = Happy business owner.

Mobile Friendly

More than 65% of the users will visit your website on a mobile device, that's why it's important for your website to work properly and load fast on any mobile device

How It Comes Together


This is where we'll get a better understanding of what you would like to achieve with your website so we can help to achieve your goals.


This is where the we take your objectives and map them to your location, target audience, and prospects. We also take a look at your competition for any insights. From this information we can create your initial design and plan to help with your business objectives.


Your website needs information that speaks to your audience simply and quickly. The copywriting will be integrated into your website design.


Here is where you see and review your initial website design for your business. If the design needs revision, we'll do it for you during the review stage. This is a critical step that to gets your website design as you need it to be.


Once you've approved the design we go to work coding a fully funcitonal, mobile ready, responsive, and fast website.


Once the website is ready, it is setup on a staging server for you to test prior to going live. We make last minute revisions and make sure all is well. Once your website functions as designed we can hand it off to you or install it onto your web hosting platform.

There's More

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  • Free design revision
  • Free help with setup
  • Partner services available for Google Ads
  • Partner services available for SEM campaigns

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